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Early in the twentieth century, Kearney led efforts to build paved roads by providing private funding to stimulate paving along the trans-continental route of the Lincoln Highway. Now labeled US Highway 30, this predecessor of the modern highway connected Philadelphia to Portland.

Here in the information age, the uninterrupted transmission of data, enhanced voice communications and open access to information-- on a globle scale-- are taking their place along side of other, more traditional forms of transportation. Just as people and products travel the byways of Kearney, ideas and information flow through an advanced system of information technology.

Mindful of its traditional place in the country's development, and building on the spirit of our pioneer heritage, Kearney, Nebraska is taking its place as the "Crossroads Of The Future."

In Kearney, you have access to the entire world via ultra sophisticated telecommunications from GTE.

The Community has been selected as a center for communications infrastructure in the Midwest. Digital switching, fiber optics, wireless, and the latest World Class Network services offer safe, high-speed transmission and processing of data, voice, graphics . . . even video. These networks are reliable, fully expandable and allow the ultimate in connectivity.

Again, Kearney blazed new trails by creating a partnership to help communities, businesses and people realize the full benefits of the information age. Through the creation of the Community Networking Institute, Kearney has established a regional development organization that provides comprehensive information technology services.

The world is not far away with Kearney's technology

Kearney is becomming a center for telecommunications

Kearney is a hub for communication technology

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